A Token is a denomination of cryptocurrency representing a tradable asset or utility that resides on its own blockchain, and allows the holder to use it for investment or economic purposes.


is a Utility token with many purposes:
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    For purchasing 3D Physical Art Piece created from within the ARKIPELAGO Metaverse
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    Metaverse currency - We are building our own marketplace for ARKIPELAGO and it might offer many ways to utilize ARKI tokens, from staking boosters to mine for raw materials which can then be used in combination with item recipes to craft new equipments, buying bait and seeds to fish and plant, paying for travel costs, land rent and purchase, and more.
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    Staking - The token is deflationary, which means there is no $ARKI staking to get more of this token. However, staking operations will be possible using ARKIPEL01 GENESIS and later on within the-metaverse. One example is as mentioned above:
    • to craft a new NFT item compatible with ARKIPELAGO metaverse, you will need raw materials
    • raw materials should be fungible tokens that you can get from the game, or buy on our marketplace.
    • more uses of this type are coming, incentivizing people to utilize as much ARKI as possible to earn even more.
Collateral in DeFi - The token will be usable as stable-coin collateral on platforms, also be usable for liquidity-providing in DEX implementation.
To get $ARKI TOKEN, one needs to own either ARKIPEL01 GENESIS or ARTEFACT PASS
  • Hold your ARKIPEL01 GENESIS to get 10 $ARKI Token per-DAY per-GENESIS
  • Stake your ARKIPEL01 GENESIS for 2 WEEKS to get 200 $ARKI TOKEN per-2WEEKS per-GENESIS
  • Hold your ARTEFACT to get 200 $ARKI TOKEN per-DAY per-ARTEFACT
(refer back to our Roadmap)
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