In the beginning, the eight gods, the children of the creator, saw the many waters of the world and found it beautiful. They decided to work together to create four great islands which would become the kingdoms of men, a place the gods could visit and call home. When the great islands were formed, the gods surrounded them with many thousands of smaller islands – and thus the ARKIPELAGO was born.
In pairs, the gods then settled their island domains. Each of the islands with its own characteristics according to the natures of the gods. Soma was fertile, and its lands bore great fruit, whereas Marula was the land of the wild and mythical beasts. Beneath its gentle waves, Varuna was home to sea beasts both great and small, and the towering volcanoes of Parvata provided an abundance of mineral resources.
Upon seeing the beautiful islands and the life and riches already overflowing across the ARKIPELAGO, the gods were pleased. It was now time for the first Genesis. In their own image, the gods created man to rule over the islands and sent them out to till the soils, tame the beasts, nurse the seas, and mine the mountains.
Thus began the lore and tradition of the ARKIPELAGO.
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